The Chatbots Are Coming

Posted by Megan Szukala

March 6, 2017; 3:00 PM

The world of Unified Communications (UC) continues to evolve. In January, there were several articles predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots will be a UC game changer for 2017.


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How Cloud-Based Technology Will Take 2017 by Storm

Posted by Megan Szukala

January 31, 2017; 5:09 PM

The new year is in full swing and with that comes predictions regarding upcoming technological advancement. For the enterprise communications industry, there has been an exceptional amount of talk about the transition to cloud-based systems and the abundance of benefits and flexibility that it provides.


Cloud-based communication systems allow more employees to work from home than ever before. In addition, cloud storage provides cheaper and faster solutions for hosting company data and other important information. To wrap up the month of January and to dive into 2017, we’ve rounded up articles to showcase what Unified Communications (UC)  thought leaders are predicting for cloud-based systems in the upcoming year.


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Embracing the Hybrid Cloud in Unified Communications

Posted by Megan Szukala

December 29, 2016; 3:03 PM

Enhancing unified communications through the use of hybrid cloud solutions has become increasingly popular among organizations of all sizes and all industries. The hybrid cloud can provide many unique benefits including customization, scalability, increased productivity and workload management. However, some organizations are still hesitant to make this transition over to the cloud. Not to fear, ESI and the cloud are here to help!


To wrap up the month of December, we’ve pulled together articles from around the web that provide a deep dive into how the hybrid cloud can make a positive impact on an organization and bolster results when combined with unified communications solutions. See below for some examples:


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Working Remotely Over the Holidays? Set Employees Up for Success

Posted by Megan Szukala

December 22, 2016; 4:03 PM

The holiday season is in full swing and with that brings the added difficulty of employees being separated by distance and circumstance. On average 57 percent of Americans will plan to work remotely during the holidays, according to a Zix Corporation study. In order to boost productivity while employees are remote, it’s more essential than ever that companies equip their team members with all the tools to set them up for success during any season.


Working remotely can provide huge benefits for both employees and their managers during the holiday season. Setting up shop at home or wherever your travels take you can improve team satisfaction by creating more flexibility and a more consistent work-life balance. The hassle of commuting is removed and people are less likely to leave work early due to personal or travel reasons because they're able to work right up until the end of the day without missing any time with their families.


Holiday travel can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether you can reach your teammates right when you need them – or whether your clients can easily reach you. With ESI’s remote working solutions you will have the tools to address and manage those issues on the go.


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The Future of Unified Communications: Bringing Integration to a Diverse and Evolving Workforce

Posted by Shawn Guenther, Vice President of Product Management & Development

December 2, 2016; 2:03 PM

The unified communications (UC) landscape is changing and evolving as technology continues to integrate our workforce. The rising expectations of enterprises are causing the UC space to push boundaries and blur the lines between work, leisure and mobility.


To close out the month of November, we’ve pulled together articles from around the web that offer insight into the current state of the UC space and how it will evolve to accommodate employee work habits, generational preferences and the increasing popularity of the remote workforce.


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The New ePhone 7 Is Here

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

October 11, 2016; 3:00 PM

We truly live in an amazing time, when almost every industry is taking advantage of emerging technologies to enhance the way we live, conduct business and communicate.


The mobile smartphone experience is definitely a cornerstone of the rapid innovation we’ve seen over the past 10 years – bringing about integrated application and merging together intuitive user functions that make it easy for us to find and store contacts, communicate and share information.  


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“The Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”

Posted by George Platt, President and Chief Executive Officer

October 5, 2016; 3:00 PM

This quote has been attributed to Mark Twain for years in response to a report that he was living in poverty and on his death bed in England.  The reality is that this statement was not a direct quote from Twain but rather a slight miss quote (We can go into that at another time).  None the less the quote lives on today and is often repeated.  This quote came right to mind when reading several recently published articles and remembering discussions over the past years regarding the “death of the office desk phone.”  These devices for years have been on their death beds according to many.

The fact of the matter is that the office desk phone is still alive, kicking and is a trusted and required device.  Despite popular belief by those in Silicon Valley not everyone is mobile and working from their home or the local Starbucks.  Office buildings are still being built and people still sit at desks.  The fact of the matter is that the office desk phone plays a very large and important role by ensuring productive and efficient communications in offices and across offices spread throughout the city, state, country and globe of many large organizations.  The office desk phone must work in harmony with telephony apps on mobile phones, tablets and computer desk tops.  All these devices complement each other and play an important role in providing effective communication. 

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The Shift Towards VoIP

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

August 11, 2016; 3:30 PM

The enterprise VoIP space has quickly emerged as an industry booming with growth, innovation and integration. Due to lower costs and less maintenance, more businesses than ever before are saying goodbye to their traditional phone systems and adopting hosted VoIP services.


To close out the month of July, we’ve pulled together articles from around the web that offer insights into the shift towards VoIP services and why organizations should embrace this change. 


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The Impact of Surveys on Companies in a Customer-Driven Era

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

August 2, 2016; 3:00 PM

We have become a culture driven by surveys. “Would you take a moment to rate us?” “At the end of this call, would you be willing to answer a few questions about your experience?” have become common phrases in our everyday lives, whether it’s rating an app, a call with a customer service representative or a service.


Customer satisfaction surveys allow companies to get direct feedback instantly, gauge satisfaction or displeasure and measure just about every aspect of the interaction. Companies can more effectively address issues, examine processes, predict outcomes and focus on how to build better relationships with their customers.


The other side of the coin is the customer’s perspective. Because surveys are now commonplace, companies now more than ever are held accountable to specific standards. In order to stay in line with expectations, organizations must hyper-tune in to what their audience is saying via these surveys in order to stay up to speed with what their customers want.


With the prevalence of customer surveys and the resulting higher expectations, here’s a look at a few key elements that companies must keep in mind and pay keen attention to in this modern consumer-driven landscape.


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Identifying Key Features for Contact Centers of All Sizes

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

July 26, 2016; 3:30 PM

What constitutes a contact or call center? This is a question that not every business might be able to answer easily, but it’s actually pretty simple. Do you talk to customers every day? Do you manage inbound requests and work to solve customer issues? Do you communicate using e-mail, text messaging, live chat and social media?


If the answer to these types of questions is yes – even if you wouldn’t label your organization as a contact center or having a contact center – you can still benefit from enterprise-grade contact center features that could enhance and boost your business and operations.


Here’s a look at four important contact center features that could benefit your team, no matter your size or classification.


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