Abillity, the ABA Techshow, and a Pygmy HippopoTIMEus

Posted by Lorie Robinson, Product Manager

April 11, 2013; 11:00 AM

Abillity_a_logo_512x512_RGBLast week I had the pleasure of traveling to Chicago to launch ESI’s latest product, Abillity™, at the American Bar Association Techshow. The ABA Techshow is one of the largest, most well respected legal technology conferences in the U.S. It’s a must for anyone launching new technology geared toward legal professionals.

I was accompanied by three famous ESI faces: George Platt, President/COO; Ron Owens, VP of Product Management and Cloud Services; and Jason Hearon, Director of Sales. Together, we braved the Windy City in early spring — one of us without a jacket! — and descended upon the Hilton Chicago, where we mingled with a lively mix of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, law office managers, practice management advisors, IT directors, law librarians, and legal technology and marketing consultants.

After setting up our booth, we were thrilled with how many people stopped by and watched us demo Abillity, the latest offering in the ESI product line. Quite simply, Abillity is an app that keeps track of billable hours on mobile and desktop smartphones. While there are many time-tracking apps already on the market, Abillity offers two distinct features that delighted all who watched our demo.

First, unlike most time trackers, which require the user to manually start and stop a timer, Abillity automatically pops up on the screen whenever the user ends a call. With just two or three taps, the user can classify the call as billable or non-billable and, if desired, leave a quick voice or text memo as a reminder for later. The call record is then sent to our cloud, where it can be accessed on any web browser by the timekeeper or the firm’s administrator. All of the call records are editable and exportable into an Excel-based .csv file, so that they can be copied and pasted into an invoice or imported into any LEDES-compliant practice-management software.

Second, Abillity runs not only on mobile smartphones, but also on desktop smartphones. Not many of our booth visitors had ever seen a desktop smartphone, so we were happy to show them how Abillity works on the Grandstream GXP2200, an Android-based SIP phone. With lawyers estimating that over 70% of their billable phone time is spent on the desktop phone — and that they lose five hours a month on untracked calls — Abillity is a unique way for them to accurately and consistently capture and bill for that time.

Stuffed pygmy hippopotamus -- given away by ESI during ABA TechshowThese two features, along with Abillity’s simplicity, enticed many of our visitors to sign up for our upcoming free beta program. We’re still soliciting interested candidates, so e-mail info@abillitysolution.com for more details.

Before our visitors moved on, we invited them to participate in our special giveaway. We teamed up with Chicago’s own Lincoln Park Zoo to adopt one of their animals for a year. Visitors could vote to adopt a Blyth’s hornBILL, a pygmy hippopoTIMEus, or a dwarf crocoDIAL. (Get it? Don’t lose BILLable TIME when you DIAL.) The pygmy hippo was the overwhelming favorite, and is now the lucky adoptee of Judy Equels from Tallahassee, Florida.

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