Anyway you want Cloud, that's the way you need it!

Posted by Casey Ward, Partner Development Manager

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October 9, 2014; 11:16 AM

Journey2When it comes to the flexibility of cloud technology and the workplace, Steve Perry of Journey sang it best: Anyway you want it, that's the way you need it. One of the biggest advantages to cloud unified communications is how much money it can save in different and interesting ways. With the rise in mobility and the consumerization of IT assets, people are now more easily able to set their own schedules and work outside of the office.

"Today, people want access to their work resources anywhere, at any time," wrote ITProPortal contributor Marina Stedman. "On top of this, more and more devices (especially tablets and smartphones) are entering the workplace and they don't all belong to employers. People want to use the same devices at work as they do at home - and they want access to all their work apps regardless of device."

Having this ability allows for employees to conduct their daily tasks with greater easy and can save a company on operational costs. With an increasing segment of the workforce looking to meet their goals remotely, the actual office is likely to start saving on things like power bills. But what to do with all that extra space? With only a fraction of desk real estate being taken up, there are some great ways that companies can improve employee satisfaction for those that prefer to come in more frequently. Here are some fun ideas for how to optimize office space obtained through cloud-based remote workers:

1) Activity space
Many organizations out there today try to engage their workers through a little organized fun. With more room to move around, why not start an office yoga group? Yoga is a great way to remove stress that can accrue over the course of the day - or even just the morning commute. Even finding some bean bag chairs and an old video game system can help staffers blow off a little steam in between tasks.

2) 'Work lounge'
Assigned desks are great, but even people who prefer them can need a change of scenery. Creating a "work lounge," so to speak, will give team members the chance to step away from their seats and get comfortable for a minute without leaving the office. Get some couches, tables and maybe some dividers to increase privacy and you've got a little work nook for anyone to use!

This principle can also be extended into a full-on open floor plan. Forgoing traditional seating in favor of a choose-your-own-workspace atmosphere lets employees feel like they have more autonomy over their productivity.

3) Rent to another company
Depending on how the space is divided, there may be an opportunity for a whole other office to work within the same unit. This is a way to earn an even greater return on investment with cloud communications. Taking the unused portion of the building or floor and renting out to another organization helps generate new forms of revenue.

None of these things are possible without cloud communications, though. Business phone systems need to be unified with other channels in single source communications applications in order to operate a company in these new and exciting ways.

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