Eric Suder, Founder and Chairman

Eric Suder founded ESI (Estech Systems, Inc.) in Plano, Texas, in 1987.

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Practicing “Success With Significance” for 25 Years

Posted by Eric Suder, Founder and Chairman

November 9, 2012; 11:00 AM

Volunteerism and philanthropy are the cornerstones of what makes ESI a constant trendsetter in the telecommunications space. ESI operates like clockwork because employees and resellers learn to work together and think creatively to improve the community and raise money for those in need. These skills are then transferred to the workplace.

The goal of volunteerism is to find a solution to a community’s most pressing needs. Little did I know that the skills I gained when starting ESI in my garage would suit me well in my philanthropic endeavor. I founded ESI because I wanted to make a difference in helping small businesses grow.

I was able to develop a product in response to small business needs from the ground up — in the first instance, a small PBX and voice mail system. I embarked on a grassroots effort to sell this innovative phone system, using my product marketing, development, and sales experience to successfully and gradually grow ESI. After this initial taste of success, I built a small team that shared the same passion for building telephone systems. We worked late into the night in a never-ending quest to build new products and become an emerging force in the telecommunications industry. Our unadulterated passion for developing telephone solutions for our market helped us overcome challenges that we encountered.

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