Cloud Communications-The Final Countdown for Resellers

Posted by Cate Thompson, Inside Cloud Sales Rep

September 9, 2014; 1:32 PM

The_Final_CountdownCloud technology is everywhere today - you just can't escape it! And for many small businesses especially, using the cloud as a communications tool helps them leverage a popular technology that allows them to use both voice and email side-by-side, and on more than one device! The industry is changing for telecommunications resellers and the time to include a cloud-based system in their portfolio is now!

Fact of the matter is more businesses are seeing the benefits for using the cloud, which should be reason enough for resellers to have a cloud-based system as an offering. However, I would like to count down the top four reasons why your clients are expecting you to offer cloud communications in your portfolio: 

4. More businesses are going mobile
With increasingly more people using smartphones and tablets in and out of the office, employees now expect to be able to utilize their own devices for work-related purposes. According to a recent IDC survey, small businesses especially have seen a huge growth in workers using personal devices professionally. Simply put, the cloud helps more businesses go mobile!

3. Quick and easy deployment of extra features
We live in a fast-paced society and businesses often find it difficult to keep up. They simply don't have the time to deal with an extensive installation process for their phone system, especially when it comes to adding certain features like call forwarding and hold music. With the cloud, features like these can be added and removed with just the click of a mouse or quick phone call, which saves time for both the provider and the end user.

2. Cost savings with a high quality system
As Casey mentioned in a previous post, because cloud communications systems are hosted through the internet, businesses only have to pay for what they need, with the added bonus of eliminating the cost for installation and maintenance seen with traditional systems. And since features are added so easily, companies only pay for what they need, when they need it.

1. Everyone else is selling the Cloud!
End users know they have options, so if their communications reseller isn't providing the cloud-based service they're looking for, they know someone else will. Resellers need to be prepared to compete if they want to survive in the business communications industry!

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