Cloud VoIP haunted by poor understanding

Posted by Casey Ward, Partner Development Manager

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October 27, 2014; 10:21 AM

Cloud_communications_haunted_by_the_failures_of_othersOne of the biggest talking points in the cloud conversation is security. Some people believe that reported cloud-related problems are enough to write the technology off as dangerous for business use. While things like toll fraud can scare many people into thinking that the cloud should be avoided for communications, there is something to remember - the cloud is only as strong as the protections put in front of it. Just like every other technology, the cloud fail if it is not deployed or managed correctly. 

"The truth is that the risks that come with cloud computing are like any other business risk: The more you understand them, the easier they are to control," wrote CIO contributor Emma Byrne. "Thankfully, assessing cloud-based risks has plenty in common with risk assessments of your existing business processes. Analyzing those risks doesn't require any special magic."

The cloud has a lot to offer - namely in the way of communication. The modern workforce needs single source communications applications in order to reach their full mobile potential. But cloud communications are haunted by the failures of others. These ghosts will need to be dismissed in order to effectively leverage modern communications networks.

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