Communications Should Be Customer-centric

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

June 9, 2016; 3:00 PM

Businesses are constantly seeking integrated and streamlined solutions to boost growth and give them a competitive advantage in the quickly evolving communications marketplace. A growing number of organizations, specifically with contact centers, are looking for solutions that will provide visibility into their operations, insight into employee productivity and customer service metrics.


These analytics and reporting tools are growing more valuable and instrumental to helping organizations make informed decisions. With this new approach and level of insight, businesses now have access to the most holistic view of contact center performance from every angle. It’s a shift in thinking and approach that focuses on contact center efficiency, with more of an emphasis on the customer experience.


The power of the cloud


The industry has made incredible strides over the last five to ten years in terms of reporting and knowing how to effectively utilize and interpret the data. However, there are still some challenges that exist. According to a recent eBook, ICMI's Guide to Contact Center Metrics, “nearly 39 percent of contact center leaders continue to struggle to identify and measure key performance indicators (KPIs).” The solution? The growth in cloud contact center adoption. The cloud provides a level of integration that makes it easier for contact centers to be more agile, able to react to changes in customer behavior, gain insights from reporting and gather metrics across all of the touchpoints that customers use.


Visibility – it’s all in the details


Businesses have the opportunity to really differentiate themselves with the experience that they create in the call center. Being able to do this requires maximum visibility into what is and isn’t working so that management can make informed decisions about how to improve productivity, performance and ultimately, customer service.


ESI’s Contact Center solution is built with the power of these analytics in mind. The solution’s reporting feature provides performance insights such as detailed call history on both inbound and outbound calls, giving management visibility into team member proficiency, inefficiencies and staffing needs. The data comes in multiple forms, including call queue reports, agent detail reports and dialed number statistics. Each category reports on various proof points in order to give supervisors the most complete view of trends and issues that are either positively or negatively impacting the end-user customer experience.


Looking ahead


Organizations and contact centers have come a long way in recent years. The increasing emphasis on the analyzation and collaboration surrounding operational metrics as a way to streamline internal performance is truly a differentiating element when it comes to the customer outcome. With ESI’s Contact Center solution, companies can be even more nimble and extremely competitive, all while keeping their eye on improving the customer experience.


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