Communications Should Be Empowered by Visibility

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

May 12, 2016; 3:00 PM

In today’s world, we’ve become used to "instant everything" – access to world news, ordering food, directions to a destination and streaming movies are all available at the touch of a finger. It’s an immediate connectivity and access to services, data and people that we’ve come to expect.


The demand for instant results is seeping into nearly every aspect of our lives, including business communication. We want the ability to be able to reach anyone at any given moment, and to have insight into their availability and how to most effectively reach them. In keeping with these expectations of real-time access and visibility, how can businesses enable more efficient communication?


Bringing if, where and how to communications


An imperative element in the makeup and strength of any business is employee satisfaction. There are many things that factor into this, but in terms of business communications, two fundamental components are communication and collaboration. In order for ideas to be generated, issues to be resolved and productivity to increase, communication must be swift and efficient.


Think about how you typically find someone in your office. You might walk to their cubicle or office, page them over an intercom system, send an email or an instant message or call them on their desk phone. All of these efforts are futile and just waste time if that person isn’t at their desk.


Location technology eliminates that wasted time by providing visibility into where and how to reach someone before you even initiate contact. With location technology like geo-fencing and presence sensors, your colleagues can quickly see if you are in or out of the office or in a specific location in the office. They will also know your availability to pick up the phone or respond to an internal or customer inquiry.


Beyond internal communications


The benefits of instant access and visibility don’t stop with internal employee productivity – they also extend to the customer relations. Real-time insights into somebody’s location and accessibility improve customer satisfaction by allowing attendants to track down specific employees and determine who is and who isn’t available to respond to a customer need quickly.


The attendant can leverage this visibility into a better customer experience, keeping callers out of frustrating voicemail loops and helping them to get straight to someone who can assist them immediately. Location and availability insights can also be shared with callers, providing a greater level of service. For example, letting a caller know that a contact is out of the office on an appointment, in a meeting or available on his cell phone.


ESI’s solution


ESI’s Presence Management solution and eLocation Services integrate with your business phone system, allowing users to have a real-time view of who is available, their readiness to communicate and how to most effectively reach them.


At ESI, we believe that business doesn’t get done without communication, and that staying connected can often be a challenge. With ESI eLocation, fellow colleagues and customers alike are saved frustration by getting a real-time view into location and availability, empowering employee productivity to fuel customer satisfaction, and allowing businesses to increase their competitive edge.


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