Cost reduction is just one benefit of the cloud

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

June 2, 2015; 5:18 PM

If you ask most business managers why they are moving their assets to the 6-2-15
cloud, they'll usually tell you about costs. "It's less expensive," they may say, "and there are other benefits." The real question is, what are those other benefits? Sure, the cloud can lower costs, but can it raise productivity? Are companies losing out on something besides efficiency when they don't move to the cloud? In a word, yes. Vendors frequently play up the savings that the cloud offers, but there are many benefits beyond that for businesses. The use of  business phone systems isn't just for reducing the amount paid to transmit information. They can allow people to connect more easily, upgrade quickly and offer many features that older phone systems can't.

The use of software is particularly important for businesses to understand when they think about cloud phone solutions. By porting over their phone service to the Internet, companies make user-friendly software interfaces possible. This is why many VoIP systems include computer network interfaces that allow workers to call each other using their desktop machines. By making connections easier for workers, a cloud phone system speeds up the internal pace of business. Many phone systems, for example, let employees see when others are online or available. This makes it much easier for people to communicate more effectively.

A cloud revolution can come with a price tag
Maneuvering a company to a cloud communications culture can take time and training. Sometimes, workers will use a unified communications platform very easily. Other groups mayhave a hard time adapting to the ins and outs of a particular system. The important thing here is to give the transitional period the time it needs for people to change and adjust. In fact, it is essential that IT departments within organizations "shepherd" the change from traditional phone systems to UC-based business phone systems in order to allow for the smoothest possible experience.

A connected workforce is inherently more efficient than a disconnected one. Letting people stay together and share information quickly means that it will be easier for everyone to get important tasks done. When it is easy for people to see what their responsibilities are and what they have to do, they will naturally stay on top of their work. Any company that transfers to a UC system can experience this growth and change very easily.

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