Don't get spooked by cloud horror stories

Posted by Casey Ward, Partner Development Manager

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October 22, 2014; 9:10 AM

Cloud_and_the_dark__stormy_nightOctober is well upon us, and Halloween is drawing closer. This is the time of year when scary stories are told around the campfire and kids get spooked by tales of ghosts and goblins. But year-round, there is another kind of horror story woven in the business world - one surrounding the cloud and it's perceived weaknesses.

But using the cloud for enterprise purposes is nothing to fear. In fact, it is something to embrace. While there have been countless headlines painting the cloud as a security risk, it is how you use it that dictates its success. Just like any other piece of technology, if it isn't handled correctly, trouble can brew faster than a witch's cauldron. 

"It all comes down to management," wrote ITBusinessEdge contributor Sue Poremba. "Cloud security has to be addressed just as any other security management system. It means understanding what data get stored in the cloud and what data stay on the internal network. It means understanding the different risks and benefits of cloud formats."

According to The Guardian contributor Clive G​ringras, cloud security is a common concern for many. Thankfully, using the cloud can be simple and effective - namely when leveraging it as a communications network. Single source communications apps can be uploaded to employee phones, enabling limitless access to company networks and allowing staffers to be connected constantly. 

So while there are plenty of spooky stories out there about the unreliability of the cloud, they should all be taken with a grain of salt. Human error and poor planning are often to blame for botched cloud deployments, and these instances should scare anyone away. What's more frightening these days is the idea of being left behind by rival companies. So in order to keep up, cloud communications are going to be essential.

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