ESI offering basic communication services to customers affected by Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Chris Griffin, Director of Marketing

September 1, 2017; 2:11 PM

ESI recognizes the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought upon many of our partners, their customers, and local communities in south Texas and Louisiana. We're ready to do our part by helping local charitable organizations that are providing critical supplies and shelter to those in desperate need. We established the Humanitarian Relief Fund in 2004 in order to quickly respond with assistance during times of national and international crises. These funds have been generously donated by our employees and partners - and matched by ESI. If current ESI partners would like to make a donation for the victims of this disaster, ESI will match that donation dollar-for-dollar.

As the clean-up and recovery begins, we would like to volunteer basic services at no cost to businesses in need as they get back on their feet. We have plans in place that allow us to move quickly to address customers in need, so please contact us at (800) 374-0422 for more details.

ESI resellers and agents should contact ESI to let us know what adjustments we can make to ensure that their customers are operational. For premises-based business customers, we can provide basic services and work with you to get the lines of communication open as quickly as possible. For companies that are in need of a new phone system now, we are offering our best pricing to resellers for both on-premises and cloud-based phone systems.

This was one of the most devastating hurricanes to ever touch American soil. It is during times like these that we can all put aside our differences as individuals and realize what is most important - helping our neighbors and friends in their greatest time of need. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected.

- Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI)