For small businesses, VoIP is a necessary lifeline

Posted by Chris Sobray, Product Manager

April 15, 2014; 1:52 PM

VoIP_to_the_RescueCompanies are never in a state of rest (and in this day and age, they never should be!). With many industries in a constant state of flux, it’s especially important for small businesses to be in constant motion. However, there are plenty of things that can mess up a company, from big opportunities to natural disasters. Preventing unplanned downtime means finding the most efficient enterprise-level solutions for issues that might affect a business phone system.

The smaller the company, though, the higher the stakes.Small businesses need to ensure that no matter their size they are positioned in a way that makes them seem as if they are at the same level as their larger competition, which means that any amount of downtime makes this all the more difficult. The need to respond to any situation quickly is important, which is why making sure there’s little trouble for voice and data networks is just as important.

On the fence about what VoIP technology can offer your small business? Well, here are a few nifty things you might want to know about VoIP:

  • Disaster recovery options are often included at no additional cost when using on-demand services like VoIP
  • It replaces traditional landlines
  • It supplements the next-generation cloud-based application
  • It can be accessed almost anywhere, making it easier on companies wanting to stay busy and on the go in their industry

Still not convinced? Well, here are some situations where VoIP can be a lifeline for small businesses:

  • Moving offices simplified 
    In the past, moving an office to a different location meant waiting until the last possible second to transfer phone service and scrambling to move hardware onto new desks. But with VoIP, these moves become a bit less stressful. For companies using softphone interfaces, for example, services can be transferred just as fast as a computer reboot! This means the amount of phone downtime a company experiences is cut down to a more manageable amount.
  • Emergency continuity needs easily met
    Natural disasters can happen at any time and can bring even the mightiest corporation to its knees. We've all experienced the misfortune of having the construction workers down the street (or a rogue squirrel) accidentally disconnect power or internet connections for the entire block. A small business phone system can’t afford to be disabled, especially since smaller companies typically house fewer employees to work with the business’s network. The functionality of these networks faces a lot of pressure to work consistently. VoIP aids in that requirement. Especially when deployed in the Cloud, these services can be accessed and worked on from both the office and home, so any crisis that happens can be dealt with from virtually anywhere.

Phone systems for small business need to be treated as your company’s lifeline. Don’t leave their functionality up to chance; VoIP technology provides exactly what small businesses need to compete in today’s growing market. VoIP isn't just a technology - it's a strategy.

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