Getting the best skills may require telecommuting with a cloud phone system

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

July 23, 2015; 4:00 PM

Tech talent is increasingly becoming hard to come by. The prevalence of computing and heavy electronics use in people's day-to-day lives is only matched by the lack of people who understand how it all works in the first place. This is rapidly becoming a problem for those inside and outside of the tech industry. Many groups are being forced to look for talent in places that they may not otherwise think of. One important way that companies can hire applicants is by utilizing better telecommunications procedures in order to connect with their candidates. unnamed_11

Business phone systems let people hire from anywhere
Because technical expertise does not always translate into a need to be on-site to solve problems, working with those who have the insight but who are not physically close to a company can pay off for organizations in dire need of experts. According to TechRepublic, IT professionals with insight into security are becoming difficult to find . Finding talented people can be difficult, but the problem is greatly mitigated by being willing to consider broadening the horizons of an organization and taking on someone from a different region of the country. Because a cloud phone solution can allow workers to be anywhere, there may be a rise of freelance technical professionals who work for organizations they aren't even close to.

This increase in potential workers for a company can allow even start-ups that don't have a lot of physical space to hire specialists for specific projects, giving them the benefit of a lot of expertise that they may not otherwise have. Creating connections between workers in disparate locations is much easier if they are all communicating through a series of phones that everyone can use and dial in to. With cloud phone services set up as they currently are, anyone can be dialed-in to the company directory from anywhere. According to InformationWeek, training isn't easy, and hiring those with the right skills is critical.

Finding the best talent may require organizations to think about how to change their business to attract it. Generous elements like free work-from home options and others may be an important way for companies to get the best talent at a lower cost. A business phone system might be the best option for an companyn that needs talent.


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