Helping Employees Adopt New UC Tech

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

February 16, 2016; 3:30 PM

It’s within human nature to be somewhat averse to change. People get accustomed to their habits and processes, and when you try to introduce something new into their natural way of doing things they tend to be hesitant to accept it — even if what’s being introduced is helpful to the way they live.

 This is especially common when an employer tries to introduce new technology to the workforce. Employees have “settled in” to the way they do things, and bringing in a piece of technology that has the promise of helping them work more efficiently or with more collaboration can be difficult. To them, this is just something new for them to learn how to use, another hurdle in their way, slowing them down and preventing them from getting real work done.

 One of the most difficult pieces of new technology to get employees to fully embrace is the implementation of a different phone system. Workers rely on their phones and communications tech to get things done, and introducing a new Unified Communications (UC) solution without stalling regular business operations can be a challenge.

 Here are some steps employers can take to help their employees embrace new UC tech without much hesitation.


Maintain Realistic Expectations


It’s not fair for a business owner to expect their entire company to switch over to a new system and learn all of the features in a single day. Offer a timeline that designates specific dates set aside for training on how to use this new system so that no employees feel rushed, and so that everyone can gain an understanding on how to operate the new phones. It can be difficult for everyone to learn the new system quickly, but taking the time in the beginning will ensure that problems don’t arise at a later date.


Clearly Communicate the Benefits


Another way business owners may struggle when introducing a new technology is the way in which they communicate how it will help their employees. This is one of the most integral ways to help employees understand the “why” of bringing in a new system. When doing so, focus on all of the positives the new system will bring with it such as new features, advanced options for collaboration and so on. Once employees understand how this new tech will help them work more efficiently, they’ll be more willing to begin using it with more enthusiasm.


Encourage Feedback


Lastly, you want to be sure to offer your employees an opportunity to provide feedback on their experiences with the new system. Let them know that their opinions are valued and sought after by the company. This feedback is beneficial for identifying areas that may be problematic with the new system, provide insight on where more training needs to be conducted and ensures that the new solution truly is a positive change for all of its users.

Business owners should expect some pushback when introducing a new technology to their workforce. However, by having a plan in place beforehand, they can overcome this challenge and ensure that their employees are prepared to take on this new tech in stride. With proper training and explanation, employees will see how their new UC solution can take their work to the next level.

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