How to eliminate workplace distractions with VoIP

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

June 25, 2015; 3:32 PM

One premise behind unified communications technology is to link people together who can't be physically present. Now, people might be physically present, but they aren't necessarily using that closeness  to facilitate collaboration. Workplace distractions like loud conversations and water cooler gossiping force employees to tune out. Whether it's by coming into the office early, working from home or simply playing music through headphones, employees will go to great lengths to stay focused. Fortunately, UC's collaboration capabilities can help employees maintain focus by eliminating distractions.unnamed_6


Distractions can be a serious damper on business success. For every bit of time someone is distracted from their work, the company is doling out money for nothing. A few hours a week and 52 weeks a year mean big cost wastes for companies. Open offices have a lot of benefits when people are available to share ideas, so the solutions need to allow both for open office's benefits and interruption-free environments.

With VoIP digital phone solutions, phone calls are made over the Internet, which means employees can talk through their computers. Headphones are the go-to equipment for this element of UC, and they can help eliminate distractions. Many headphones are equipped with noise-cancelling technology. Using these in an office not only enables employees to communicate important information, but the headphones themselves will minimize noise and reduce distraction. Plus, phone calls will ring in the employees' ears through the headphones instead of creating a distracting sound for the whole office to hear.

Coaching tools
Many digital phone solutions also have an application where a manager can speak to an agent who is live on the phone without the client hearing anything. Everyone turns their heads when the boss walks by, so this feature of VoIP helps elimination the distraction of an extra person present. Additionally, the side conversations and the antics of nonverbal communication necessary without this coaching tool would be a major distraction for those sitting around the agent.

Presence Information
One place that definitely should go without distractions is the meeting room. What happens if an employees is holding a video conference with a client when a co-worker comes up to say hello? The distraction wastes the employee's time, the client's time and company money. Not to mention, an organization's reputation with the client certainly wouldn't improve with unprofessional workplace distractions. Digital phone solutions have presence information capabilities that let co-workers know when someone is unavailable. This way, unnecessary interruptions are minimized and embarrassing situations are avoided.

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