How to Give Good Phone!

Posted by George Platt, President and Chief Executive Officer

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March 28, 2012; 11:00 AM

George Platt, President/Chief Operating Officer, ESII thought the Inc. Magazine article, "How to Work the Phone: 6 Tricks," was interesting.

As greater amounts of our business communications move towards texting, chatting and e-mailing, sometimes we need to be reminded the best way to communicate on a telephone conversation. We want to be sure that telephone conversations are productive and the most valuable form of communication for the small and medium businesses. After all, ESI has built a company by providing technically advanced, easy-to-use business communication solutions.

I know that my kids (boys aged 16, 14, and 11) are much more interested in communicating via text while using the telephone, and they could use a lesson on how best to communicate via the voice path on their smartphones!

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