How to maximize UC potential

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

July 7, 2015; 2:45 PM

Unified communications and digital phone systems have the obvious benefits of flexibility and collaboration, but how can you get the most out of those advantages? What does better collaboration mean for your company? You can maximize the potential for your UC services with a communications-enabled business process. A CEBP is when UC taps into the power of other cloud based services to boost business competitiveness and responsiveness. Here are some key elements and advantages to a CEBP.unnamed_8

Understanding and participating in internal processes
Some organizations, especially those in sale, might opt for setting up services that coordinate with key performance indicators. Software programmed with KPIs in mind can alert a supervisor if an employee has been on the phone with a customer longer than the predetermined time frame, for example. In the exact moment a KPI alert is triggered, a supervisor will know which employee is facing a workplace challenge and can step in to help.

Since supervisors receive this information in real-time, they can hop on the call with the agent and coach them through with applications that allow the supervisor to speak to the agent and lend advice without the customer on the line hearing anything. In this type of situation, a supervisor uses unified communications not just to collaborate with employees but to fix daily business practices that will ultimately boost competitiveness.

Additionally, the struggle one employee experiences could certainly be shared by others. Since this could be an issue for multiple people, it is best practice for a supervisor to review the specific policy and make corrections to adapt to employee needs. Updating internal processes is vital not just for having the workday flow smoothly but also for meeting customers' ever changing needs. That is the goal of a business after all.

Making effective changes
With every update, new information regarding what the processes entail and when they will be implemented needs to be communicated to employees in a clear and efficient manner. By tapping into the wealth of knowledge provided with real-time monitoring of internal processes, changes to company procedure will be more influential on the overall success of the business.

Those policies, though, are not effective until they are put in place. The quicker employees understand the new concepts, the faster an organization can gain competitiveness. Applications like video conferencing, instant messaging, conference calling and presence information, all of which are standard for UC solutions, help communicate information to employees more efficiently. Not only are these communications methods faster, but the variety of mediums of communication ensure that all learning styles and needs will be met.


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