How VoIP Keeps Communication Easy in Inclement Weather

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

December 1, 2015; 3:30 PM

Winter is on the horizon, and with the arrival of winter comes the snow and ice that makes everyday tasks excruciatingly difficult. Heavy snow and ice can cause damage to power grids and telephony infrastructures, which can have serious consequences for organizations that rely on them for communicating and other business needs. Without phone lines some companies may encounter a serious loss in sales and dissatisfied customers.

Not only can inclement weather disrupt day-to-day operations, but it also poses as a hazard for employees and their commute to and from the office. Icy roads can slow traffic down to a crawl and the potential for accidents is significantly increased. This can have a seriously negative impact on the availability of your employees and can result in low output for companies who rely on their employees being in the office in order to keep things running smoothly.


Luckily for those who live in areas that experience inclement weather, there’s a solution out there that allows for businesses to avoid all of the pitfalls so many often encounter as winter takes hold. The answer for keeping operations running as expected without worrying about employees’ ability to make it into the office is through the use of VoIP technology.


Reliability and Peace of Mind


One of the biggest ways in which VoIP can help businesses avoid the nasty consequences of the harsh winter months is based in the essential way the technology works. Unlike traditional PBX setups, VoIP is a telephone system that operates over the Internet and thus completely eliminates the need for phone lines altogether. Because it uses the Internet to connect you with other phone numbers, VoIP is guaranteed to never crash so long as the Internet continues to work.

Slippery roads and disrupted visibility are problems drivers are often faced with during inclement weather during the winter months, and unfortunately it’s not uncommon for someone to lose control and accidentally run into a telephone pole. Before VoIP, this would result in every landline connected to that network going down until it was able to be repaired – a process that can take days if not weeks to finish.

If this happens and your organization’s communication network is founded on a premise-based PBX system, then you’re simply at the mercy of the downed line until it gets repaired before you’re able to get back to business. VoIP technology can give you the peace of mind and reliability you’re looking for so that your business dealings are never interrupted, regardless of how frightful the weather outside may be.


Enabling Remote Workers


Another way VoIP helps businesses during inclement weather is by making it possible for employees and other remote workers to work from the comfort and warmth of their own home without missing any of the luxuries their office desk provides. Commuting to and from the office in inclement weather is a dangerous proposition, and not only does it take significantly longer to make the trip but it can often stress people out to the point that they’re unable to be productive once they’re in the office.

VoIP gives you the option of allowing employees to work from home without losing the functionality their desk phone provides. They can access their email, voicemail and office phone number, resulting in the elimination of lost workdays and continued productivity. This works in the favor of both employees and their employers: employees aren’t forced to make the taxing journey to the office, while employers can rest easy in knowing that business will continue as planned.

Avoid the snags often caused by inclement weather and experience peace of mind with a reliable VoIP system that helps businesses and their employees get work done no matter how harsh a winter Mother Nature brings.


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