Identifying Key Features for Contact Centers of All Sizes

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

July 26, 2016; 3:30 PM

What constitutes a contact or call center? This is a question that not every business might be able to answer easily, but it’s actually pretty simple. Do you talk to customers every day? Do you manage inbound requests and work to solve customer issues? Do you communicate using e-mail, text messaging, live chat and social media?


If the answer to these types of questions is yes – even if you wouldn’t label your organization as a contact center or having a contact center – you can still benefit from enterprise-grade contact center features that could enhance and boost your business and operations.


Here’s a look at four important contact center features that could benefit your team, no matter your size or classification.


Voice over IP (VoIP)


This is a no-brainer – VoIP technology is a must-have for modern contact center operations. All you need is an internet connection. VoIP solutions have numerous benefits, including lower costs (think fewer phone lines), more free space (fewer wires and less hardware) and remote working capabilities (agents can use their smartphones or computers to answer calls from anywhere). Because of VoIP, both internal and external processes and interactions are more streamlined and connected.


Barge, Whisper and Monitor Capabilities


These contact center functionalities are all about call efficiency. Essentially, they allow for managers and supervisors to listen in and “monitor” employee phone conversations with customers, “whisper” discreetly to the agent during the conversation and “barge” into the call itself if additional insight or help is needed. These features enable supervisors and executives to experience and track in real-time the quality and effectiveness of these calls and interactions, ultimately increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.


Real-time Stats and Reporting


Reporting and performance analytics features are becoming increasingly essential for contact centers and organizations to better analyze their business and manage their teams in the most effective way possible. Performance insights, such as detailed call history on both inbound and outbound calls, give management visibility into team member proficiencies and any process inefficiencies, which can provide context when making staffing decisions. The data is available in real time and in multiple forms, including call queue reports, agent detail reports and dialed number statistics. Each category reports on various proof points in order to give supervisors the most holistic view of contact center performance from every angle.


Social Media


This tip applies to nearly every business out there these days, but in this instance, it’s specifically tied to customer interactions similar to those that happen via phone. It is now common practice for customers to bypass the call option altogether and head straight to social media channels. To stay ahead of the game on this, contact centers/businesses need to have the proper platform monitoring tools in place. These online interactions sometimes are a bit touchy as some folks use social media platforms to air complaints or issues. Monitoring social activity allows for issues to be addressed effectively as soon as they crop up.


Quickness is key, but so is the nature of the response. Employees should be trained on how to communicate effectively and constructively with customers in order to establish trust and good will. Regardless of the customer’s sentiments when reaching out, the right response can turn the conversation into a positive and meaningful interaction. At the end of the day, customer happiness is key, no matter the channel they use.


Contact Center Success


These are just a few small ideas and features to keep in mind for your contact center functions, team and overall organization, but they have the power to truly up-level your customer interactions and provide valuable insights into your operations and efficiency. Whether you are a team of 5 or 500, any business can benefit from these contact center tools.


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