Increasing UC popularity creates channel partner opportunities

Posted by Camaryn Bolton, Digital Marketing and Communications

July 24, 2014; 1:24 PM

VoIP_around_worldToday's employee is one that's used to technology in some capacity. They have most likely used a computer to accomplish tasks in their free time and many of them have smartphones or tablets that are constantly being used. As a result, these workers have an understanding of how to leverage their devices in order to meet a goal, be it taking and storing photos or working with company emails.

Enterprise communications are undergoing a period of redefinition. Now that many telecom platforms can be accessed through a singular endpoint, voice has had to adapt. But thanks to an uptick in the use of the cloud for channel delivery, the telephone has been able to transcend the sole use of the traditional desk handset and make unified communications that much easier for companies to obtain.

The convergence of connections has created a wealth of opportunities for those who both leverage and provide these unified communications platforms. In order to take advantage of these new developments, there has to be an understanding that standard approaches to the telecom industry are going to have to change. Providers and resellers will need to be knowledgeable on these assets, going so far as to leverage them for themselves.  

SIP phone contributing to UC growth
One of the major selling points for unified communication is its ability to meet many different working styles. Regardless of how these solutions are leveraged, they can be adapted for all sorts of different employees. In instances where existing networks are adapted through SIP trunking, the existence of the SIP phone is helping to keep mobile workers moving and in-office employees connected in a familiar way.

But the tools that meet these needs should not just be sales topics for telecom providers - they should also be advantages in actual practice. There are incredible ways in which SIP phones and single source communications applications can be used by the organizations that enable them for others. In a sense, these companies need to be leading by example if they hope to encourage the growth of their business.

Requirements held of providers changing
For those that enable communications services, there needs to be an alteration in how sales are conducted to correspond with evolving technology. But while some organizations may find this to be foreboding, it should instead be treated as an opportunity to grow. The telecom tools that are experiencing such incredible popularity have plenty of applications within the offices of those who provide them, and they can be used in such a way as to improve the customer relationships that have become so critical.