Making a Difference: Middle-school Mentoring

Posted by Becki Veal, Director, Human Resources

May 17, 2012; 3:00 PM

As the 2011–2012 academic year ends, ESI celebrates and thanks our employees for truly making a difference.

ESI makes a difference by mentoring middle-school studentsToday, ESI was honored with a luncheon by the teachers and staff at a local middle school where a team of ESI employees has been mentoring students weekly through the school year.

Each Thursday, starting in the fall, ESI’s mentors spent one-on-one time with students who need someone in their life to help them through a tough time. Such a student may have organizational issues, face challenges with school work, or have no adult in their life that they can always count on; it could be a student who just needs a friend.

Last week marked the final day this school year that ESI mentors met with students. Tears were shed. For some mentors and students, who have been matched for the all three years of middle school, it was especially emotional.

Since 1995, ESI has been mentoring students from the same local school, making a difference in the lives of over 275  middle school students.

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