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Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

April 5, 2016; 3:30 PM

One of the biggest pieces to this complicated and ongoing puzzle is the role the cloud plays in the grand scheme of things. This case has reignited old conversations about cloud security and privacy while simultaneously creating a new topic concerning the best way to conduct security testing.


This month’s news roundup includes articles explaining the need for and challenges of securing a cloud-based infrastructure, commentary on implementing security testing and how businesses can enjoy the agility of a hybrid cloud deployment, while avoiding the risks that come with it.


Is the Hybrid Cloud really secure?

Freelance writer Cheryl Ajluni addresses the myth that the cloud isn’t secure and offers advice on how businesses can overcome the hurdle of migrating to a hybrid cloud deployment without the fear of an imposter breaching into their system.

Heterogeneous Multi-Dimensional Cloud Security

Jon Oltsik at Network World explains how “CISOs are scrambling to find the right policies, processes, controls, and monitoring to keep up with enterprise deployments of a multitude of cloud technologies.” In this piece, Oltsik outlines the security problems and challenges a cloud-based infrastructure presents. 


Are we Finally Ready for Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise Security Testing?

The staff over at Security Intelligence tells us that although security testing is a complicated process, it’s an essential component of protecting a company’s data and keeping its network stable. The author gives advice on the steps an organization should take when testing their cloud deployment’s security.


Moving into the Breach: How to Secure the Hybrid Cloud

MSPMentor, who provides advice on managed services, provides some good tips on securing a hybrid cloud deployment to help companies reap the benefits the technology enables via a marriage between private and public cloud functions.


Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud: Agility and Security, Without the Risk

Business and innovation publication Fast Company explains how the current growth rate of the cloud market is only expected to increase in coming years. This article summarizes the risks of improperly adopting a cloud environment, the lasting impact doing so can have on an organization’s future, and how enterprises can ensure its transition goes as smoothly as possible.


Overall, the best way a company can ensure that their cloud PBX is secure and stable is by partnering with a vendor who offers a quality product and top-notch support. There’s no way to guarantee your VoIP setup will meet expectations if those two essential premises don’t exist in the first place. Look into and conduct some research to determine which companies are able to provide your business with a deployment that not only meets but also exceeds your goals for a cloud PBX deployment.

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