Proud to be a Fit-Friendly Company

Posted by Becki Veal, Director, Human Resources

February 26, 2014; 11:30 AM

The American Heart Association's Fit-Friendly Worksite seal

For the past four years, the American Heart Association has recognized ESI as a Fit-Friendly workplace. According to the AHA, Fit-Friendly companies consist of employers and staff who “go above and beyond when it comes to its employees’ health.”

 While the employees of ESI are very excited about being Fit-Friendly, these health initiatives weren’t taken for recognition alone. Inactivity comes with plenty of health risks and spending hours a day sitting at a desk is one way to keep a person sedentary. As a result, we have provided support for our ESI family by promoting a wellness culture that encourages physical activity and healthy eating habits during the workday.

Many employees choose to exercise during breaks: some take a group yoga class during lunch, others use the City of Plano’s nearby bike trails and another group walks throughout the day during their breaks. The break room is always stocked with fresh fruit – only 25 cents apiece – as a great alternative to calorie-laden snacks. The company also provides pedometers from Sonic Boom Wellness to track physical activity and eating habits. Fun competitions are common with the employees who use the company leaderboard to outdo one another in daily miles, steps or activities, resulting in lost weight and healthier – and happier – employees!

ESI has received recognition for its health initiatives over the years but for us, taking care of our health as a company is its own reward. We are all proud of the American Heart Association’s recognition and hope to continue making strides towards becoming an even healthier company.

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