Separating Work and Personal Communications

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

November 10, 2015; 3:30 PM

As the BYOD and mobile workforce movement continues to grow in popularity, some are finding that while the idea of using their own technology helps them to be more efficient, the risk of personal data crossing over with business – and vice versa – is cause to be hesitant.


There have been plenty of stories in the news lately of high-profile public figures encountering problems with private information – such as leaked photos, financial data and personal correspondence – resulting in a fear that the allowance to using personal devices for work may not be worth the risk the practice poses. Likewise, employees don’t want their personal data to be shared or to interfere with work communications.


Fortunately, technology has an answer that resolves the question of confidence employees and their employers have when it comes to separating work and personal communications. Many applications, such as ESI’s Ditto, divide the virtual workspace from the user’s personal space – all without losing the features users need when it comes to using a “virtual office” platform.


In other words, this is a win-win type of situation, where enterprise customers are able to use their personal device for both business and personal use. Discrete enterprise policies can be applied to only the work side of the device while granting the user full usability of their personal applications. The ability to split bills for voice, data and messaging, while providing the ability to switch between profiles easily, makes such applications extremely desirable to both parties.


The ability of these applications to provide call re-routing, voicemail notifications, on-the-fly call recording and more is invaluable for employees who need to operate away from their desk. The intelligent integration between phone and desktop interface means that these employees are able to be just as efficient when out of the office – if not even more so – without the fear of losing any capacity for performance. Likewise, companies can enjoy equipment cost-savings of employing a BYOD practice for their workers.


Work Without Fear of Losing Privacy

Today, many people are storing their personal details on their own devices. As we continue to migrate away from using hard-copy documentation and towards an all-digital approach to archival, the importance of implementing a platform that securely protects our private and work data is a priority for both employees and employers.


Topics: Cloud Communication, mobility