Small businesses should take advantage of VoIP benefits

Posted by Chris Sobray, Product Manager

April 4, 2014; 3:26 PM

Small businesses take a lot of hard work, especially when competing braftonagainst much larger competitors with far more resources. This does not mean smaller businesses still can't hold their own; in fact smaller businesses can adapt more quickly to market changes! Innovation happens on a daily basis by leveraging technology and enhance efficiency, particularly for enterprise telecommunications - namely VoIP for small business phone systems.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the industry praise for these new VoIP systems, there's an inherent fear of taking the leap in adopting these new technologies which hinders adoption among small businesses. In fact, Brian Walsh, a Marlin Finance contributor, claims these resources are completely underutilized by small businesses, with many missed opportunities by smaller businesses to improve their communication methods using VoIP. 

VoIP telephony is not only filled with many different feature options that can be deployed within the network - it's also completely affordable

VoIP is only the first step

But while much of the excitement in these developments surrounds the outcome for voice and traditional communications methods, there are still other platforms that are going to be expected to function as well:
  • Instant messaging, virtual fax and email: companies should leverage all forms of digital communication so that employees can choose the best method of connecting with their co-workers or clients.
  • Mobility: the fact that the majority of us are always connected to the internet is a perfect medium for serving up business capabilities and functionality to appear as if you never left the office. No matter where you are!
  • Video: incorporation of video as a way to communicate is becoming increasingly popular and smaller businesses will be able to utilize these methods as a way of cost savings by supporting telecommuting in an office anywhere world.
  • Many of these tools can only be accessed through what's called SIP trunking or cloud communications, which allows these features to be unified in a way VoIP systems can't support on their own.

With so many new changes in VoIP telephony and the affect it can have on a businesses bottom line, there's no reason for small businesses to get behind on using this technology. If businesses want to maintain that competitive edge, they will have to stay up to date with these valuable resources that are already available at their fingertips. 


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