Spotlight: ESI’s Ditto Mobile Application

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

March 15, 2016; 2:30 PM

Today’s workforce isn’t forced to the confinement of a small cubicle, thanks mostly to the emergence of mobile technology. Communication technology specifically has had an immense influence on the way we work by allowing us to be productive and break away from the traditional office space.


There are undoubtedly a multitude of benefits for both the employee and their employer when it comes to implementing mobility into existing business processes. However, many people are reliant on their desk phone in order to conduct regular work, and the fear of being away from their phone has caused many to avoid adopting mobility.


Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem.


ESI’s enhanced Ditto mobile application provides a holistic approach to user connectivity by offering them a robust suite of features, including:


Intelligent Integration


Using ESI’s Intelitouch technology, Ditto allows users to experience a truly seamless handoff between their desktop and mobile device. This unique level of integration between SIP endpoints and the web-based dashboard delivers the type of unified communication interface that users are looking for, allowing them to work on the go without forgoing the level of support required to be productive.


Single Number Reach


Another feature the mobile workforce wants from their UC applications is the ability to keep their private line completely walled off from their work number without having to sign up for a separate plan. With Ditto, you’re able to do exactly that. Users can make and receive calls from their smartphone with only their work number visible to the other party, allowing them to keep their personal and work lives distanced from each other.


Aggregated Contact


Many people rely on their desk phones to store important business contacts, and the idea of working away from their desk phone seems impossible. Ditto aggregates these contacts into a single place, meaning users need simply to sync their mobile device to their account in order to access this information. Employees can now carry with them the corporate contact directory, keeping them connected even while on the go.


Voicemail Notifications


Long gone are the days of having to call into your voicemail system to check for messages when you’re out of the office. ESI’s Ditto application pushes an alert through to your device whenever you receive a new voicemail, notifying users that a new message has been left on their office extension. This allows users to go mobile without having to worry about missing out on important or time-sensitive messages ever again.


Quick Switch


For those who are required to work remotely and find themselves coming into and leaving the office frequently, Ditto’s quick switch feature may be just the thing you’re looking for. With quick switch capabilities, users can move freely in and out of the office during a call without encountering an interruption, seamlessly switching between mobile and desk phones at the touch of a button.


These features include only a handful of ways ESI’s enhanced Ditto mobile application can support a mobile workforce. By mirroring the functionality of an ESI business phone and offering a streamlined user interface, users will find that Ditto not only enables them to be productive while on the go — it enhances their productivity overall.


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