Telecom Resellers Must Understand Network Infrastructure When Entering the Cloud

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

April 28, 2015; 4:00 PM

For telecom resellers, the cloud presents a game-changing opportunity. We’ve shared in the past how SMB demand for cloud solutions is at an all-time high. Business owners hoping to enjoy the convenience and cost savings might approach their reseller with a request, which sends many consultants scrambling to understand the technology.  Increased_interest_in_cloud_services_from_SMBs_for_2015

 It’s no longer enough to install desk phones and run cable. Resellers today also have to account for the complexities of network hardware and software while trying to ensure that every call sounds as clear and sharp as its analog predecessor.


The Struggle to Understand Network Implications of the Cloud

Resellers who understand the fundamentals of network infrastructure have the best chance to maximize their opportunities in this new era.

 There are several questions that might come up when discussing cloud phone solutions:

  •  How do we deal with customers’ consumer-grade equipment that wasn’t designed for voice  communications?
  • How do we preserve call sound quality when an internet service provider’s traffic peaks?
  • How do we assess a customer’s network capacity and ensure they’re getting all the cloud-based services they need?
  • How do we know what success looks like when the system is up and running? 

Resellers wanting to maximize their opportunities need to master the fundamentals of network infrastructure, specifically learning the difference in performance between IP phones in a local network versus a cloud-based PBX environment.

 For example, cloud-based PBX systems have greater sensitivity to spikes in network traffic, and the router is a more critical component than in a local IP PBX solution.

 Resellers must be able to examine all network components and offer customers advice regarding equipment and possible additional expenses, regardless of the network sophistication.    

Understanding Network Infrastructure Leads to Client Satisfaction

Customer happiness is the number one goal – and success indicator – for resellers. As network infrastructure needs evolve, resellers must stay up to date on providing customers with the best possible communications solutions.

 You don’t need a computer science degree or a network administrator certification to understand the basic challenges of cloud-based PBX systems, but you do have to know a lot more about them than your potential customers.

 This means making a commitment to ongoing education, and taking the initiative to explore the latest tools and technology such as cloud-based PBX phone services.

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