Thanksgiving, enterprise UC traditions made to be broken, part 1

Posted by Shawn Guenther, Vice President of Product Management & Development

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November 24, 2014; 9:16 AM


Holidays have a way of evolving over the years. Thanksgiving is a much different celebration than it was 100 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Black Friday, for example, has become an official part of the festivities. According to TIME contributor Brad Tuttle, for many people Black Friday encroaches on Thanksgiving itself. For many there is a need to modernize their rituals.

The same can be said about enterprise technology, particularly in regard to communications. Over the last decade both consumer and business communications have evolved significantly. As people see what's beyond landlines and siloed services in their personal lives, they cry out for those same changes in their work lives. A little adaptation isn't just acceptable; it’s actively encouraged. It's time to start some new traditions for holidays and office communications.

Turkey don’t cook itself
Thanksgiving dinner has a very fixed definition: stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, cranberries and, of course, turkey. Revamp, deconstruct or reinvent them, but miss one and you become the family pariah who ruined Thanksgiving. According to Citizen-Times contributor Mackensy Lunsford people shouldn't just focus on turkey when planning out Thanksgiving dinner. In many ways business communications are the turkey; they must be central to a business plan, but there are other concerns to take into account.

Who made all this?!
Leftovers are great for a little while, but who really wants Thanksgiving dinner all year? Right-sizing your bird is vital, as is finding a proper fit in office communications. Hosted solutions escape the limitations of hardware solutions for rapidly growing businesses. Feature licensing allows businesses to buy only the services they need. And, of course, SIP trunking allows a 
much better fit for organizations by allowing lines to be dynamically allocated and deallocated.

Be sure to check in tomorrow as I continue talking turkey and communications. Next up: when work/life balances (and naps) attack!

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