The advantages of cloud communications

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

July 8, 2014; 11:21 AM


There is plenty of discussion going on about the direction of enterprise communications. As issues like mobility start pushing toward center stage, telecom channels as we know them have started to become redefined. Simply put, it is no longer a matter of how operational a service is, but how benefitial to a company it will be.

This is especially true with the perception of enterprise telecom, and mobility is now a major contributing factor to the swell of popularity for the telecom industry itself in terms of cloud communications.

Times are changing
We are quickly realizing that the only way to unlock the modern potential of communications channels is to put them into the cloud. This is especially true for phone service, which has been historically segmented from other modes of connection like email and video. Be it an adaptation of an existing network through the use of SIP​ trunking or an off-site, hosted provider of cloud voice, there needs to be an extensive push toward making this kind of telecom innovation a reality.

But after all of the work that must be done, what are the real advantages? Is this just a trend, or is it a legitimately beneficial business decision? The answer is that cloud communications are becoming the status quo across every field imaginable. It is already getting to the point where start-ups are considering going with these tools as opposed to more traditional systems right out of the gate. The powers that can be possessed thanks to a cloud communications network should be a forefront consideration of any organization, regardless of size, function and method of deployment.

Mobility is key in modern business
Thanks to the consumerization of IT, there is a massive segment of the workforce that is comfortable using smartphones and tablets. As a result, more of these devices are being leveraged in companies around the world every day, and the organizations themselves are expected to be open to possibilities for where these machines can take them.

In order to remain competitive in today's enterprise environment, there has to be a push toward enabling mobility. Having the power to conduct business either while traveling for work or when deciding to stay at home for the day is not just becoming a great asset, it is also starting to be expected of employers globally.

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