The Little Contact Center that Could

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

May 5, 2016; 5:06 PM

A contact center is often depicted as a large office, full of headset-equipped employees fielding calls from all over the world, be it a customer service department or an operator service for a sizable company. However, contact centers actually come in all sizes.


Whether it’s a small inside sales team taking incoming calls and placing outbound calls, or a few customer representatives who answer support calls – any group of workers set up to handle a lot of phone calls, for whatever reason, counts as a contact center.


In order to successfully manage a large volume of calls, contact centers must be equipped with the right solution. Our Contact Center solution brings enterprise-grade features and reporting to contact centers of all sizes. In addition to routing calls to the correct people and minimizing call wait times, our solution provides real-time information on data points such as how calls are being handled and which employees are the most productive. Unsure if your call center is performing optimally? Read on to learn how to ensure top functionality.


Queue Routing Functionality


Our Contact Center solution is built with standard interactive voice response (IVR) that includes unlimited levels and allows for multiple entry points. Skill and time-based routing ensures that an employee with the proper knowledge takes each call while also keeping wait times low for callers. With an unlimited number of queues and as many agents per queue as necessary, calls are routed to the correct place every time.


Queue statistics such as total calls, abandoned calls and average wait time reveal how a call center and the individuals in it are performing. Our Contact Center solution provides supervisors access to these statistics in order to help them identify strong and weak points. From there, supervisors can make the adjustments necessary to continue optimizing call center efficiency and effectiveness.


Agent & Supervisor Dashboard Functionality


In order to keep agent information easily accessible, agent dashboards in Contact Center organize “my queues,” “my statistics,” active phones and recent calls in a simple tabbed layout. Agents are able to update their availability and record call dispositions, which are then attached to a call detail record. Agent statistics, activity and call history are available with a few quick clicks, giving employees visibility into their performance.


Customizable key performance statistics provide supervisors with the real-time status of call queues and agents. Their dashboard includes management features, making organizing agents simple. Live call monitoring and graphical call display give supervisors the insight they need to keep their contact centers running smoothly.




Detailed call history on both inbound and outbound calls gives contact center management the information they need to improve performance. With our Contact Center solution, these statics are available in many forms, including call queue reports, agent detail reports and dialed number statistics. Each category reports on various proof points in order to give supervisors the most holistic view of contact center performance from every angle.


Ultimately, a contact center cannot improve performance without the right tools and visibility. When equipped with ESI’s Contact Center solution, agents and supervisors alike are empowered to operate a more efficient and effective contact center, improving the customer experience.



Topics: Cloud Communication, corporate wellness