The Shift Towards VoIP

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

August 11, 2016; 3:30 PM

The enterprise VoIP space has quickly emerged as an industry booming with growth, innovation and integration. Due to lower costs and less maintenance, more businesses than ever before are saying goodbye to their traditional phone systems and adopting hosted VoIP services.


To close out the month of July, we’ve pulled together articles from around the web that offer insights into the shift towards VoIP services and why organizations should embrace this change. 



6 Ways VoIP Communications Systems Make Your Business More Productive

In this Business 2 Community article, Loren Baker cites a recent study that found that remote workers now represent 37 percent of the U.S. workforce. “VoIP communications systems support this lifestyle by allowing mobile and flexible options for employees to communicate with colleagues without having to physically be in the office,” she says. “With features like conference calling and the ability to send and receive calls on smartphones, employees can work from wherever they prefer.”


How Small Businesses Can Save Money With Technology


Laiza King discusses in her Huffington Post article that businesses of all sizes, especially small, can gain a competitive edge with the use of VoIP services. In contrast to the inflexibility of traditional phone systems, “a small business voice over internet protocol, VoIP, gives you communications solutions that combines voice, data and video. You will save money from travel costs by using collaborating tools like web and video conferencing.”


What’s VoIP’s future?


The future of VoIP can be seen not only in business services but also social media, as Thomas Frye states in this Markets Morning Tech article. “Social Media has been molded by VoIP,” he explains. “Especially when it comes to the apps that are specifically made for the purpose of talking with friends and family. For instance, Facebook messenger’s video and phone calling features are entirely the product of VoIP.”







Hosted VoIP for your phone systems and beyond is suitable for businesses of all sizes. VoIP’s efficiency, reliability and capacity to fill the needs of the modern workforce make it the way of the future.



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