Marketing your Industry - Top Ten Twitter Tips

Posted by Camaryn Bolton, Digital Marketing and Communications

May 27, 2014; 2:29 PM


Twitter is a great way for small and medium-sized businesses to communicate with current clients as well as interact with potential customers. Unfortunately, too many of these businesses don't use this social media platform effectively enough. The good news is that it is incredibly easy to start using Twitter like a pro with these ten simple tips: 


1. Tweet Consistently and Frequently

Consistency is a key factor in making your company appear reputable to prospects and boosts your credibility in the industry. Also, if you don't tweet (or tweet often enough), you simply won't be found! So make it your goal to tweet at least three times and to engage with at least one other Twitter account every weekday. 

2. Brand Yourself Consistently 

Don't use a different logo or color scheme for your social platforms and website. As I mentioned previously, consistency is good for a company's image

3. Use Keywords 

Tweet using words and phrases both common in your industry and recognizable by your audience. 

4. Don't Go #Hashtag Crazy

Don't use #TooManyHashtags in your #tweets (just 1-2 is plenty). It gets #obnoxious and may result in #unfollows! #SadDay 

5. Tweet Your Content

Drive traffic to your site by posting content on Twitter. Post your blog articles, press releases, industry news or anything else that will bring people to your website.

6. Use Images with Your Tweets

Tweets with images get twice the engagement as those without!

7. Share Content More Than Once

Sharing your content multiple times can bring you more engagement!

8. Use Twitter for Networking

Find local businesses on Twitter and interact with them! Also, if you notice a particular account that tends to retweet you or engage in another form of interaction, try to interact with their tweets as well. By engaging with other accounts, not only are you reaching out to your follower base - you're also reaching others' followers as well! The more interaction you have with other accounts, the more you'll be seen.

9. Become a Content Curator 

On social media, content is king, but, much like that person at a party who only talks about himself, if you only share your own content, your social site will seem shallow to others. By sharing content others have created - along with giving them credit in your tweets - you post insightful and engaging tweets while also networking with the accounts who created the content. 

10. Be Personable!

The purpose of social media is to humanize your brand. For small businesses especially, Twitter can be a great tool to use for interacting and engaging with your current clients as well as the people who could be your clients in the future. Twitter allows you to put a human personality to an otherwise faceless brand. Personality sells, so make sure your business has one. 


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