VoIP: The Business Communications Game Changer

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

September 10, 2015; 2:30 PM

The emergence of voice over IP technology in the mid-90s forever changed the way we communicate. Globalization was then and continues to be on the rise, and businesses need a way to connect across larger distances and with more reliability. VoIP surfaced as the advanced, integrated solution these businesses were searching for, and the technology continues to serve as the premier method of communication for organizations across the globe.

Here we’ll explore the three primary attributes of VoIP that contributed to its rise and eventual domination of business communications.


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Of Mergers and Mayhem

Posted by Gary Wilson, Product Manager

April 28, 2014; 12:59 PM

The state of change that is telecom continues unabated. With the announced acquisition of Cbeyond by Birch Communications, the Tier 2 carrier market keeps on shrinking. Such is the life of these facilities-based carriers. When you think about it, this has to happen.

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How to Give Good Phone!

Posted by George Platt, President and Chief Executive Officer

March 28, 2012; 11:00 AM

I thought the Inc. Magazine article, "How to Work the Phone: 6 Tricks," was interesting.

As greater amounts of our business communications move towards texting, chatting and e-mailing, sometimes we need to be reminded the best way to communicate on a telephone conversation. We want to be sure that telephone conversations are productive and the most valuable form of communication for the small and medium businesses. After all, ESI has built a company by providing technically advanced, easy-to-use business communication solutions.

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