VoIP toll fraud very real, very preventable

Posted by Shawn Guenther, Vice President of Product Management & Development

October 1, 2014; 11:53 AM

VoIP, like almost all other technologies, can be abused; it’s susceptible to attacks that allow calls to be hijacked, fraudulent calls to be made or even gain unauthorized access to the corporate data network. For all the benefits of VoIP it is important to be aware of and realistic about the risks that need to be mitigated. SIP and other VoIP channels need to be secured the same as any company laptop or facility, and the great news is that securing VoIP is simple as long as you do a little planning first.

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One of the biggest abuses of VoIP comes in the form of toll fraud. WIRED contributor Jim Murphy reminds us that toll fraud has been around for decades and was a common problem even in the arcane days of landline telephones. The threat never went away nor is it new; it simply evolved. Learning how to handle it in its modern incarnation is critical to protect your enterprise communications from the unsavory predators of the internet.

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Toll Fraud - Billions of dollars a year in lost revenue - Could you be next?

Posted by Elaine Blodgett, Zeus Communications South, LLC

July 16, 2014; 4:01 PM

At a recent meeting, I spoke to Dealers that work with equipment and carrier services. My first message was about addressing the growing concern over Toll Fraud. The numbers are staggering: billions of dollars a year are lost to thieves and hackers, so investing in a service committed to the security of your end-users is important for your customers’ business and yours.

Acquiring new customers takes an investment of time and money from your business, so it is good to make sure you provide services that address a specific need. Offering SIP Trunks is a great way to attract new customers who may have concerns over security. Why risk a customer and ongoing sales when, with a little attention, a customer’s system can be protected against toll fraud, reaping big benefits for the customer and your business. 

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