Big Shoes and Plain Old Telephones

Posted by Shawn Guenther, Vice President of Product Management & Development

January 7, 2014; 9:12 AM

Early on the morning of November 5, 2013, our industry changed forever, and you may have missed it. I could be referring to the launch of new software for the ESI Communications Servers and IP Server 900 product lines, but that would be pushy. The event I’m talking about is the ascension of Tom Wheeler as Chairman of the FCC. In a transition time when a new executive usually would be breaking in a new chair, Mr. Wheeler has made big moves. Before closing out his second week as Chairman, he put the nation on notice that the PSTN is likely to be voted off the island.

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Topics: Voice over IP (VoIP), Public Service Telephone Network (PTSN), Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Switching to VoIP Can Save You Money, If Your Network Is Ready

Posted by George Platt, President and Chief Executive Officer

May 3, 2012; 11:00 AM

In response to a recent article in PC World titled “How Switching to VoIP Can Save You Money,” we thought it might be informative to add our two cents.

SIP trunking, which utilizes voice over IP (VoIP), can be used effectively in larger installations as well. Most SIP trunks can be provisioned to offer DIDs so calls can be routed through an on-premise platform directly to an individual extension. There are cost benefits that can be realized without degradation of service but, in most cases, the company implementing these SIP trunks or VoIP services need to be sure that its internal networks and Internet access points are configured directly.

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Topics: SMB, Voice over IP (VoIP)