UC and the Single Source Communication Apps: Keep it Simple, Silly!

Posted by Chris Sobray, Product Manager

August 26, 2014; 3:23 PM

Keep_It_Simple_SillyThere haven't been a lot of tech developments more interesting than the modern evolution of communications. In fact-in spite of all the initial skepticism-smartphones have managed to completely change the way people interact with each other. Instead of navigating through many physical and digital interfaces, many mobile users are finding that single source communications apps make the process of connecting with others a lot less of a hassle than it used to be.

Unified Communications in the Business World
"As UC technology increasingly expands into the business marketplace, it means that more end users are beginning to take advantage of its capabilities for flexible communications," wrote Unified Communications Strategies contributor Art Rosenberg. "This movement is being driven heavily by mobile users who now have mobile, multimodal endpoint devices that can support all forms of communications between both people and between automated business processes and people."

In short, UC technology is making it even easier for individuals to connect, and this technology is also being utilized in the workplace as well! More organizations are finding success with single source communications programs that utilize a wide range of channels with the convenience and mobility that today's workforce needs. A vast majority of people in any given company have the skills needed to operate and maintain this kind of technology, so why not play to these strengths and enable innovation in the enterprise's roots?

It's time for enterprises to get serious about updating their business communications systems in order to access this form of technology. But while this is a clear-cut necessity, there are some considerations that will need to be made in order for success to be possible. Much of this will come from how far UC's influence can be stretched to meet requirments beyond direct employee collaboration.

Single source communications are a modern requirement
People have much greater expectations of technology than they used to. This comes from being experienced in the operation and basic upkeep of advanced IT devices. There is a wealth of untapped potential here that allows organizations to increase their productivity and overall performance.

But failure to understand unified communications can be almost as bad as not utilizing UC tech at all. It's about more than making multiple channels available in a single interface-it's about improving the way that these channels function and finding new ways in which they can be applied. If these networks were just part and parcel replacements of traditional technology then we wouldn't be giving it so much attention.

So, basically, an update of your enterprise's communications technology doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. You don't need a lot of fancy tools and apps to keep employees connected and productive; all you need is one solution to completely unify the way your organization communicates. In short, keep it simple, silly!