VoIP: The Business Communications Game Changer

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

September 10, 2015; 2:30 PM

The emergence of voice over IP technology in the mid-90s forever changed the way we communicate. Globalization was then and continues to be on the rise, and businesses need a way to connect across larger distances and with more reliability. VoIP surfaced as the advanced, integrated solution these businesses were searching for, and the technology continues to serve as the premier method of communication for organizations across the globe.

Here we’ll explore the three primary attributes of VoIP that contributed to its rise and eventual domination of business communications.



One of the biggest pros to VoIP is its flexibility. Companies are never too small to reap its benefits, nor do they ever outgrow the need for a smart business phone service. Likewise, VoIP stands as the best communication technology option for both new and growing businesses. The benefits of having a flexible and intelligent system apply to businesses across all industries, regardless of size.

As a member of the steadily growing unified communications family, VoIP helps to facilitate the consolidation of the numerous capabilities these technologies offer. These cloud-based unified communication systems enable users to extend their networks even further without the complications or costs of building an entire new infrastructure.


VoIP includes the ability to operate on the go, which can significantly boost productivity. When accessible through a single-source mobile interface, office digital phone solutions can be taken on the road. The mobile work force must often operate out of their “mobile office” –their car – and VoIP grants them the ability to track important calls and carry with them a list of contacts.

Furthermore, VoIP can help by facilitating the creation of remote offices, which is a feature that growing companies find incredibly advantageous. Where traditional phone lines typically hold you down when you’re trying to expand, VoIP not only allows but also encourages your business to grow by offering the ability to go mobile.


Last but certainly not least; VoIP is changing the communications game by offering a cheaper alternative. The cost-effective nature of the technology itself allows organizations to save on the installation and maintenance. As calls are made via the Internet rather than landlines, you can minimize or even eliminate the bills that come traditional phone systems.

Additional cost savings are incurred through the ease of scaling upwards (or downwards) as your business demands it, not to mention the reduction in costs for maintaining the system itself as it’s connected directly to your Internet network. VoIP allows you to avoid the headaches that can be caused by traditional telephony systems.

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