Why every law office needs a business phone system

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

July 16, 2015; 2:36 PM

Nobody said running a law firm was easy business. In fact, it can be highly stressful work, with lots of employees to manage, tons of files to keep track of, and an endless list of administrative tasks. For everyone in the legal field, it's imperative to look into ways to make the day-to-day workload more expedient, and to speed up processes that are possibly slowing work down. As far as those things go, bad communication can be one of the key elements that impedes the productivity of a law office. Say, for instance, that a lawyer is in court and realizes that he or she needs to verify a piece of data that's back at the office. With a legacy phone system, doing this might not be possible. Fortunately, though, business phone systems exist to help enterprises of all types run more smoothly. Here are some of the ways a sophisticated business communication network can elevate the work quality and efficiency at any legal office: unnamed_10

  • Makes it easier for employees to communicate from remote locations: Law is a field that's based around face-to-face interactions. Whether that means a lawyer visiting a client in a neighboring city or going to court to present findings, it's safe to say that no legal office's work will be confined to the physical office space. Yet in the absence of an advanced phone system, the remote work inherent in the legal field threatens to create communicative barriers. 

    As Interactive Intelligence contributor Peter Bernstein points out, "If you are a law firm with multiple locations ... and/or involved in complicated litigation which involves many times multiple firms in multiple jurisdictions, the need for high-performance, secure and reliable real-time multimedia communications is essential."

    Law firms that leverage legacy phone equipment simply aren't up to par in the high-speed world of contemporary legal work. What a phone system for a legal office does is tie together its employees no matter where they are. This is accomplished through features like live call recording, which ensures that critical audio will be kept on tap for all relevant people in a firm to hear. 
  • Creates more efficient billing strategy: The typical law firm relies on an expansive network of billing to constitute the bulk of its revenue. An hour spent with a client is a billable hour that needs to be recorded of and followed up on. For law offices that lack an advanced communication system, the process of bookkeeping can quickly become a highly cumbersome thing. But an advanced phone system provides the organizational features to keep track of such financial data and therefore not have it serve as an undue burden.
  • Drives down IT costs: Rolling out a sophisticated business phone system has a direct positive impact on IT costs, as BizTech pointed out. That's because a unified system is one that's more self-regulating as far as IT is concerned, and therefore doesn't require the in-house personnel attention that a legacy phone system does. One law firm in Orlando, Florida found that it was able to cut monthly operating expenses by $1,200 largely thanks to the business phone system it installed and the way that helped to alleviate the IT workload.
  • Boost client communications: As a lawyer, one of the most important things you're called upon to do is maintain consistent and dependable communication with your clients. Whether you're a criminal attorney or involved in corporate law, the same principle holds: The client should always be able to reach you. Unfortunately, law firms with outmoded communication systems cannot offer the reliable communication that will create loyalty among clients and lead to increased business. But this is something that a business phone system will largely help to account for. Because an advanced phone solution integrates different modes of communication, that makes it extremely easy for lawyers to maintain a direct channel of communication with the people who matter the most - the clients. This can end up making a big difference as far as overall business is concerned.

Now that these tips are on the table, it's time to evaluate your office and ask yourself the question, "Could I benefit from an advanced calling solution?" We suspect the answer is yes.


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