Why Telecom Resellers Need to Embrace UC, VoIP

Posted by Kimberley Drobny, Vice President, Marketing

March 2, 2015; 3:26 PM

Telecom resellers are experiencing a transitional period for their strategies. It is quickly being realized thatcustomers of these businesses are expecting something new from voice, video and text, which is why they want to move over to hosted solutions in the first place. But advanced functionality is not all that is required of channel partners in the present day. According to No Jitter contributor Andrew Prokop, a telecom provider that does not leverage the tools it is selling may be making a fatal mistake - and it's easy to understand why.

"[Y]ou wouldn't take financial advice from someone deep in debt and you wouldn't hire a personal trainer that was sorely out of shape - at least I certainly wouldn't," wrote Prokop. "So, doesn't it also hold true that you shouldn't trust your enterprise's communications future to a company that doesn't use the products it sells?"

Companies that resell services like UC and VoIP must utilize the assets that they expect others to use. If an organization cannot speak firsthand about the benefits of IP communications, then its customers are likely to look for assistance elsewhere. This year will be very important for telecom providers, and they will have to make sure they are presenting themselves as a modern company in order to win favor with consumers.


Practice what you preach
There are an incredible number of advantages to seeking cloud communications that are provided off-site. Many of them tend to come up in the course of any given sales pitch. But if a company rep is still leveraging a landline or a standalone email platform, potential clients can grow wary.

This means that if a reseller has not yet integrated the services they provide into their own operations, they need to start doing so. This is not only due to a need to lead by example, but also on account of the perks that sway customers over in the first place. VoIP and UC, when supplied through the cloud, can help to cut costs and streamline productivity - two things that any organization can benefit from.

According to industry expert Roberta Fox, providers have to make themselves the best examples in their arguments for telecom upgrades because more businesses are investigating how or if they use the services they sell to others. 

"We believe that part of the reason for this trend is that more of the UC decisions are coming from the IT side of the house compared to telecom, and as we all know, IT folks generally don't trust vendors and want to check things out themselves," Fox wrote for Computer Dealer News. "As part of the customers' review of vendors, they expect the vendors to also provide guidance, expertise and training on how to deploy, support and use these UC technologies in their daily business life (whether communicating internally within an organization or externally with customer and other companies)."


Seeing is believing
Single source communications and VoIP business phone systems are something for resellers to get excited about. This is not only because of what it means for their profits and clients, but also due to what
it represents for a reseller's employees themselves. There are significant cost savings and operational advantages that come with UC and VoIP, and those who work for telecom resellers have to be living examples of the benefits that they tout and believe in the solutions they offer. According to Fox, not following this strategy could ultimately hurt a telecom provider - reseller or otherwise - even with the increasing demand for services of this caliber.

"If you don't use what you sell, and work to help potential clients understand why and how to use your UC apps themselves, you are going to have a harder time getting customers' money in 2015," Fox stated.

With changes in technology come adjustments to the approach taken in selling it. In order to succeed as a telecom reseller, it is essential to make sure that modern benefits are being experienced within the boundaries of one's own company. Being able to lead by example and illustrate viability through first-person experience, telecom providers will be able to better sell their products and provide evolving levels of support.

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