Working Remotely Over the Holidays? Set Employees Up for Success

Posted by Megan Szukala

December 22, 2016; 4:03 PM

The holiday season is in full swing and with that brings the added difficulty of employees being separated by distance and circumstance. On average 57 percent of Americans will plan to work remotely during the holidays, according to a Zix Corporation study. In order to boost productivity while employees are remote, it’s more essential than ever that companies equip their team members with all the tools to set them up for success during any season.


Working remotely can provide huge benefits for both employees and their managers during the holiday season. Setting up shop at home or wherever your travels take you can improve team satisfaction by creating more flexibility and a more consistent work-life balance. The hassle of commuting is removed and people are less likely to leave work early due to personal or travel reasons because they're able to work right up until the end of the day without missing any time with their families.


Holiday travel can be stressful enough without having to worry about whether you can reach your teammates right when you need them – or whether your clients can easily reach you. With ESI’s remote working solutions you will have the tools to address and manage those issues on the go.


ESI Mobility


ESI Ditto is a solution that offers employees the ability to use personal devices while remaining connected to their unified communications solution, enabling them to leverage business information no matter the location. Often during the holidays businesses can lose access to time sensitive client information when contacting customers outside of the office environment. It is also essential for companies to have a mobility solution that can provide record and give insight into employee and client interactions even while the employee is on the road.


Here we’ve rounded up a few of the best ESI features for the remote worker:


Intelligent Integration – ESI’s Intelitouch solution seamlessly provides a handoff between the phone system and desktop or mobile interface and delivers a truly unified communications no matter where you are in the world.


Call Recording and Management – Just because you’re away from the office doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice any call features. Record calls from your mobile device and save them directly to your company’s network so you can access now or later. You also have the ability to transfer, park, place, and put calls on hold directly from your mobile device.


Access contacts anywhere – Your contacts, work or personal, should always be able to travel with you wherever you go, whether that is Grandma’s house to open presents or your couch on a cold morning. We believe it’s important to provide every worker the ability to sync all contacts to one account so you are always just a phone call or text away from your most important contact.


Single Coverage Reach ­– This feature, unique to ESI, provides the consistency of working out of a single office, even when you’re working from multiple locations. This feature allows you to keep your personal mobile number private while making and receiving calls from your smartphone, with only your work number visible to the person on the other line.


Voicemail Notification – When working remotely, voicemails can easily be overlooked. One great feature while on the go is the ability to receive a notification on your mobile device when callers leave voicemail messages.




The holidays are a special time to be shared with family and friends, not spent worrying about whether you’re able to maintain workplace proficiency. With the advancement of mobility features and the growing contingent workforce, businesses are now seeing the added value of remote working solutions. This season, let ESI ease your holiday working woes with our unique mobility applications.


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